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Worksite Wellness Programs: They can improve the health & wellness of employees

I am always amazed at what some companies call a wellness program. A massage spa may call their massage and facial program a wellness program. A fitness club will call their group exercise classes, a wellness program. Companies who sell a specific product may call their marketing strategy a wellness program. A corporation who has an onsite nurse who takes blood pressure and attends to minor illnesses or refers for medical procedures may call that a wellness program. A true wellness program promotes wellness, not merely monitoring of blood pressure (although that is important), providing an exercise class, giving a massage, or selling a product.

After spending two years on my master's degree studying Psychology: Specialization in Health & Wellness, much of my research was about the benefits of bringing wellness education into the workplace.

There is an almost unending amount of evidence showing the short-term and long-term benefits to both employees and employers who implement worksite wellness programs for their employees.

Large corporations often have large health and wellness programs that are implemented by their insurance companies. Often those programs are very impersonal with some people not even aware of what services are available. Plus many people are reluctant to participate for fear their insurance provider is keeping track of their personal activities.

Some companies provide a wellness program that is no more than a reduced fee at a nearby fitness club. That hardly helps the busy parent who needs to rush home and pick up their children from daycare.

Research has shown that programs that offer a more personal approach with a wellness coach available to help employees meet their own wellness goals tend to be more successful.

My approach to wellness with employees does not require a person to belong to a specific fitness club, or any health club for that matter. My approach is personal, yet easy to manage online, as well as personal contact with you.

I am available to facilitate worksite wellness workshops, lunch & learns on various health topics, as well as offer a personalized approach using my innovated and simple to do online tracking program of your choices and goals, as well as personal communication for support.

Complex programs with counting calories and having to go to the gym (which you might not even like) rarely work for most people. I can work directly with employees to create personalized programs that meet their needs based on their interests, not those of the program planner. I prefer working with smaller companies who may not have a health and wellness program available for their employees.

My wellness program begins with an online assessment of the six areas of wellness: Physical, Emotional, Social, Mental/Intellectual, Spiritual, and Environmental. Since most people will not choose to work on all areas at once, only those areas that are specifically needed by the individual will be developed with goals and objectives. Individual interests and needs will be the basis of the daily health diary that will be created, to be filled in daily online. Direct communication with me is always available.

Contact me today about worksite wellness presentations and how I can work with your employees in a way that works. If you are an employee interested in what I can do for your company, either refer this information to your human resource department or send me the contact information and I will contact them for you.

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Work-site Wellness

reduce long-term healthcare costs, reduce absenteeism and turnover, and improve employee morale (just a few of the benefits)

Are your employees

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Employee health and wellness

Are you ready to help your employees make lasting changes and live healthier lives and be more productive?

Are you ready to inspire them?

Karen's health and wellness coaching practice uses an online based 6-week program she developed along with telephone consultations, so she can help you regardless of where you work.

Onsite wellness workshops and lunch & learns on various heath topics are available.


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Employee health and wellness

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