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Living Intuitively

Learn the difference between intuitive thoughts and physical emotions. They can guide you to your highest good. Intuitive living produces creativity and peace, not fear.

Simply stating (perhaps over simplifying) living intuitively is using your sixth sense in your everyday living. Keep in mind the expression of being intuitive can mean different things to different people. A mother's instinct that often proves true is being intuitive. Yet her intuitiveness may not go beyond her immediate life and those of her children. Others may refer to well-known psychics such as Edgar Cayce or Arthur Best as being intuitives. Everyone can learn to live intuitively, but not everyone receives answers about other people's lives, probably very few actually are intuitive to that extent.

Learning about your own intuitiveness is where the trickiness begins. Learning to understand and trust your "gut" instinct as something you should act upon, requires learning to pay attention and understanding yourself and practicing receiving, without reacting. For example, just because you get a really bad feeling when you meet someone, does not necessarily mean that the person is a serial killer. It may mean that there is something about the person that triggers a negative memory from your subconscious that has nothing to do with the person you just met. However, the information - that initial instinct - may still be important in understanding yourself and helping you make decisions about yourself. Plus, there is always the chance that the person who sent your emotions into a tail-spin really does have something to hide. So just be aware of what you are feeling and what is going on around you.

Growing into a more intuitive way of living will actually teach you to pay more attention to what is going on around you and your own inner thoughts and feelings, thus allowing you to be more open to the obvious as well as the less-than-obvious possibilities and obstacles you face.

Some people find it easier than others to develop intuitiveness. In fact there has been some evidence that the sensitivity toward being intuitive runs in families. If this is the case, my guess is that eventually science will figure out the brain connection of why some people are more naturally intuitive than others.

Intuitiveness may come in the form of sensing or feeling something (for me I describe it as a "swishy" feeling that just passed through me); heightened senses such as smelling, hearing, and seeing things others do not see; and having meaningful nighttime dreams that actually guide you in one way or another. I do want to caution you again that just because you have strong emotions about something, you need to figure out the "why" you are having the emotions. Are you tapping into your sixth sense or do you have an anxiety disorder and your emotions are coming from some hidden crisis you buried in your subconscious. However, that knowledge is still valuable.

My personal intuitive abilities have mostly been centered around my own life and those of my family. Occasionally, unannounced or not sought after, they may be about someone else, but not often. For example, whenever I was pregnant (I have 8 children), I would dream whether or not I had a boy or girl. My husband and I would decide on baby names before the baby was born based on my dreams (this was before ultra-sounds). I really didn't think this odd. My brain (subconscious mind) knew what my body was nourishing. I really didn't see it as some amazing spiritual experience. It was just something that happened. There were two times when I was not completely accurate. Before my first child (a son) was born, I kept dreaming I had a baby girl that died. They were disturbing dreams. I had a healthy baby boy. I then connected this misunderstanding to the fact that my first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. My obvious guess is those repeated dreams had something to do with miscarrying a baby girl. The other rather inaccurate dream was with my last pregnancy. I kept dreaming I had twins, a boy and a girl. I only had a girl. Because the dreams were so strong, I have always wondered what happened to the baby boy. There is always the possibility that the complications I had in the early part of the pregnancy with minor bleeding might have have been a result of the loss of the boy. But that is mere speculation.

I personally pay close attention to my dreams and keep a dream journal. Dreams use a lot of symbolism, so they often cannot be taken at face value. They need to be figured out, if they seem meaningful enough to put forth the effort. I don't personally subscribe to some of the theories I have read in many books. Dreams are very personal. I believe two people can dream about similar things, yet they may mean something very different to each person. For example if two people dream about a snake, one person may have a pet snake and the dream means something positive, while the other person is terrified of snakes and the dream has a totally different meaning.

However, I do agree with the idea that when you dream about a house, the house often represents yourself. So if you dream about being in a house, are you in the basement, kitchen, or attic, and what do those areas of a home represent to you? There are several good books available, I just avoid the ones which only focus on the idea that certain symbols always mean certain things.

Over the past many years, I have discovered there are four categories of dreams that I personally experience. These categories are as follows:

  • Appear to be total nonsense - depends on what I watched on television the night before.

  • Are teaching dreams - dreams where I am actually learning an important concept that helps me in my waking life.

  • Are prophetic dreams - these are dreams that in some way or other come true. I may dream a family member is sick, and they are. Or I may dream someone is in danger. These are particularly disturbing, because I often can do nothing to prevent the event. But usually, there is still something in the dream that explains its purpose if I look hard enough, something that helps me deal with the crisis, once it happens. These are always personal. I do not dream about national disasters ahead of time. At least I don't think I do.

  • Demonstrate a stressed-out psyche - these dreams make it very clear that I am very stressed-out in waking life, and I need to pay attention to what is going on.

Really paying attention helps build intuitiveness. However, do not make rash decisions, based on your "gut" feelings without rational thinking as well. On the other hand, you don't want your "thinking" to over-power your "feelings" either. Intuitiveness uses the two - feeling and thinking - balanced together.

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