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Conscious Eating: What is it?

How conscious are you of what you are putting in your mouth?

  • When you eat, is it because you are truly hungry and in need of sustenance?

  • Do you eat because food is simply available?

  • Do you eat because you are bored and snacking gives you something to do?

  • Do you eat when you are stressed or emotional and eating "comfort" foods makes you feel better?

  • Do you eat because you don't want to waste left-over food?
  • Do you eat because everyone else at the party is eating and drinking?

  • Do you eat to occasionally please yourself with a special treat?

Only the first and the last reason for eating constitute healthy conscious eating.

The first step in healthy eating is to actually learn what foods are healthy and why they are healthy. The "why" is important, because it can keep you on track when you are tempted to throw out common sense and revert back to binging on fast food and pre-packaged, highly processed boxed foods or high sugar and high fat snacks.

The second step toward healthy eating is to really pay attention to when, what, and why you are eating. Are you eating out of habit or cravings or because your body needs nutritious food? Many people consume far more "empty" calories (from highly processed junk foods) than they realize.

Poor eating habits may include

  • Eating whenever you watch TV

  • Snacking regularly in bed

  • Buying a soda or candy bar each time you gas up the car or go through the check-out stand at the grocers.

  • Feeling the need to finish a meal because of all of the starving children in China or simply because you bought it and don't want to waste it.

  • Simple cravings (that is different from being genuinely hungry).

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What Color is Your Food?

The more colorful the food, the higher the nutrients.

The nutrients in colorful foods are called photochemicals or phytonutritents. A plate of colorful foods (natural, not artificial coloring) will provide your body with needed antioxidants that help to prevent cell damage.

Healthy Colorful Food High in Nutrients and Anti-oxidants

Blueberries, raspberries, and whole grain cereal provide valuable nutrients any time of the day, not just for breakfast.

Dark green vegetables are high in nutrients and anti-oxidants

Dark green and colorful vegetables are filled with nutritious anti-oxidants.

Are you ready to make lasting changes and live a healthier lifestyle?

Are you ready to be inspired?

There is no magic pill; but there is magic in changing your habits and lifestyle. When you make healthy choices, life is magical.

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